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Kelly Bevan wins the latest DAISY award

Kelly Bevan wins the latest DAISY award

Ms Bevan who works for the Neil Unit at the Warneford Hospital has won a DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses and Midwives. The award is an international recognition program that honours nurses who continue to show exceptional work ethic and kindness to all patients in their care. It is also an opportunity for colleagues and patients to express their gratitude and share stories of how nurses have had an impact on their lives.


Kelly has worked for Oxford Health Since 2007 when she initially joined as a graduate and was nominated by a patient whom she had been working closely with within her role. The patient expressed how overjoyed she was with Ms Bevan’s behaviour and described her as “A truly amazing nurse and care coordinator. She is so kind, calm, compassionate, and caring she has made an enormous difference to my experience of mental health services and my wellbeing.”


Oxford’s Health Chief Nurse was joined by Deputy Chief Nurse Britta Klinck, who teamed up with Ms Bevan’s colleagues to surprise her. Marie said “We get lots of nominations for the DAISY awards each quarter and each one is special and reflects just how caring and committed our nurses are.


“There was something really special in Kelly’s nomination as it came from a patient who knew exactly how special the support was that she received and got it down in writing so beautifully.”


Kelly said “It was a huge surprise. I had thought I was attending a meeting for supervision, however, when Marie said that I had won the DAISY Award I was overjoyed!”


“A key part of my role has been working with patients and caring for people with mental illness in the community. It can require persistence and perseverance, but all nurses just get on with the job.


“Helping people is what we do and getting thanks for it is greatly appreciated but not expected. But it is nice, and I would urge anyone who has received great care from an Oxford Health nurse to put a nomination in.”


In addition to the award, Kelly was presented with a certificate, a commemorative sculpture, and a badge.

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