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NHS Midwives from Stockport receive top national recognition award

NHS Midwives from Stockport receive top national recognition award

Stockport NHS Midwives have received a nationally established award for their level of integrity and dedication to their profession.

One team member and two individuals were each presented with the awards at Stepping Hill Hospital alongside the Deputy Chief Midwifery Officer for NHS England Sasha Wells–Munro.

Kirsty Franklin a Community Midwife received the Gold award alongside Sharon Hyde the Director for Midwifery following the Perinatal Mental Health Midwifery team each received the Silver award for their exceptional and continuous dedication.

The Chief Midwifery Awards are new honours from NHS England to ensure that Midwives are recognised for their excellent efforts and contributions to their practice as well as for inspiring other individuals to do the same and pursue the profession.

Ms Franklin received the highest award, otherwise known as the gold award for her noble and caring efforts for mothers-to-be as well as, refugee mothers in Stockport. Many of these individuals have suffered heart-breaking and dreadful traumas on the way to this country. Kristy encouraged colleagues to work beyond their usual workload including their usual responsibilities.

Ms Hyde received the silver award for her resilience and strong leadership skills for the Midwifery services at Stockport NHS Foundation Trust in both a community and hospital setting. Sharon ensured she helped introduce and encourage improved safety standards.

The Perinatal Mental Health Team was presented with the silver award for their inventive efforts in supporting the well-being and welfare of those who are pregnant. They ensure they encourage exercise as well as, high engagement and involvement with partners through the Dad Matters group.

The Chief Nurse Nic Firth, for Stockport NHS Foundation Trust, has said “The Chief Midwifery Officer awards celebrate the very best in midwifery care across England, and so it is very fitting for Kristy, Sharon and the Perinatal Mental Health Team to receive them, representing as they do the very best qualities of those in the profession. We were delighted that Sascha Wells-Munro, Deputy CMO visited us in person to present the awards, and we are very proud of them all.”

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