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A Mental Health Nurse from Haringey wins the Rising Star Award

A Mental Health Nurse from Haringey wins the Rising Star Award

A Mental Health Nurse from Haringey wins the Rising Star Award.

The Mental Health Nurse from Haringey otherwise known as Moreblessing Murweei, has won a reputable award to mark and celebrate Black History Month. Ms Mureewi has been announced as one of the winning candidates in the Royal College of Nursing London region’s Rising Star Awards 2022.

The ceremony is to ensure that healthcare professionals such as nurses, midwives, and support workers from ethnic minorities are celebrated and recognised for their efforts and contributions towards the NHS specifically, in the Health and Social care sector.

Ms Murweei was nominated for her incredible work ethic in setting up the Community Psychiatric Nurse Forum throughout the Haringey area. Creating this forum has resulted in creating a protected and comfortable environment where all nurses are able to express their views and comfortably talk about ways to improve and advocate for change throughout the trust. This forum was also to ensure they could express gratitude to one another and recognise talent throughout their community.

Shortly after starting this forum, Moreblessing was praised for instilling resilience and self-esteem within multiple nurses in the local community. Many expressed how they felt a great sense of value and appreciation for their role within the community.

Moreblessing who originally grew up in Zimbabwe expressed feelings of gratitude saying “I was so shocked to hear I’d won. I didn’t realise just how much people were touched by this.

“Nursing has always been about compassion for me. I’m very patient-centred and this forum has allowed colleagues in Haringey, Barnet, and Enfield to come together and share best practices to help us be better carers.

“We feel free to talk about mistakes and learn from them and to seek help where we need it.

“I’m really proud to have been recognised with this award.”

The chief nursing officer for Enfield, Barnet, and Haringey Mental Health NHS Trust also known as Amanda Pithouse said, “The forum has been the perfect vehicle for many of our colleagues to collectively express themselves and ensure their voices are heard within the Trust.”

Amanda added “Moreblessing’s initiative and drive have been key to its success, and she is a very worthy winner of this award. We are all proud of what she has achieved for the benefit of so many of her colleagues.”

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